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Shipping Data

Logistics data
Wheelchairs of Hope - Children chair model #0509(*)

Description~Quantity (**)
40' HQ container 720 units (total 480 cartons) woh
40' container 600 units (total 400 cartons)
20' container 300 units_(total 200 cartons)


Available in 3 colors:  Red # VE40092 | Striking Blue # 226505 | Pistachio Green # VE56729

Includes: cushion and safety belt-

The wheelchairs are delivered un-assembled.

Tools and assembly instructions included.

* Parts are packed in 4 cartons:

· Two cartons with rear wheels

· One carton with seat, foot rest, cushion, etc.

· One carton with metal parts and others.

** Quantities might change


*Download PDF Format  pdf

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