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WHEELCHAIRS OF HOPE is an initiative to develop, design, manufacture and provide a wheelchair to children in need of mobility.

Mobility -> Education – > Independence

By providing mobility to each child in need, we enable access to education.
Education is a key tool to build self esteem and to create a better future.


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7 million children requiring a wheelchair for mobility do not have access to one

– World Health Organization
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Since 2017, over 5,000 children in six continents have already received a Wheelchair Of Hope

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International Organizations
Wheelchairs of hope vision meets the agenda of international organizations like UNICEF and the Red Cross and we are a listed supplier of United Nations associated organizations
Wheelchairs Of Hope works with companies in order to advance their Corporate Social Responsibility goals (CSR)
Communities worldwide partner with us as part of their agenda to assist and support children with disabilities
We provide an online platform for individuals to make a difference to donate wheelchairs across the globe
We partner with family foundations in the fields of disability, inclusion, education and social welfare
Our team of global Goodwill Ambassadors advance wheelchair accessibility for all in their communities, societies and countries.
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Grant accessibility to children with Disabilities across the world
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Wheelchairs of Hope Team

The Team

Mr. Pablo Kaplan

Business developer; entrepreneur. Over 30 years of plastic product development experience at multinational integrative teams

Ms. Chava Rothstein
Over 20 years of experience in international business. Highly motivated with a passion of providing solutions for those in need
DR. Naomi Gefen
Rehabilitation Professional

Deputy Director General of ALYN Hospital Pediatric and Adolescents Rehibitation Center in Jerusalem

Mr. Erez Giladi
A long experienced product development engineer, specialized in moulds and integrated production of complex projects at international level.
Mr. Amnon Zeidenberg

Worldwide Finance Executive with over 25 years in Private Banking Management with a strong motivation for social issues.

Mr. Pablo Chami

Professor at UTN-Buenos Aires with long experience in entrepreneurship and a strong commitment to social impact initiatives.

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